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Maru's Mun Journal

Cat content and memeage obligatory!

Lounges With Cats
17 January 1967
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I came online in 1995 and am still here.

Now playing in Milliways:

ostro_goth Teja, son of Tagila (A Struggle for Rome)
destroy_restart The Tower (tarot card)
born_to_it Donovan Reece (Anita Blake series)
source_fairy Sirona (Celtic goddess, via a suspense novel by Andreas Eschbach)
scots_wolf Urquhart (Death And The Devil)
middle_dubois Bridgette Dubois (Medium)
ancient_justice Ma'at (Egyptian goddess of justice)
margolotta Lady Margolotta von Überwald (Discworld novels)
areyoumyjolly Tamara the mermaid (Pirates of the Caribbean 4)

a companion to wolves, alan rickman, alternate history, anti-war, apocalyptica, art, asar-suti, aye-ayes, big words, bollywood, books, brotherhood of the wolf, c j cherryh, carless, casablanca, cats, celtic, celtic music, cemeteries, chocolate, classical music, computers, conspiracy theories, cooking, cute gay couples, cute vampire/human couples, cyrano de bergerac, dean stockwell, discworld, dmitri pavlovich romanov, doctor who, dorothy dunnett, dorothy sayers, douglas adams, drawing, elrond, entity work, enya, etymology, fandom, fanfiction, fauns, felix yusupov, fictional gay romances, freedom of speech, good omens, grigori, grissecon, gypsy music, harry potter, him, hobbitses, howling, ian mckellen, icon-making, immanion press, incense, james frain, jane austen, john abraham, johnny depp, kilts, late-night comment chats, linguistics, loki, lord alfred douglas, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, lotr, mad men, magic, mary renault, methos, milliways_bar, morningstar manor, moulin rouge, my characters, narnia, nightwish, painting, phil rickman, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, pointy ears, poking australians, rahm emanuel, ramen, random music, rasputin, reading, ricardo pinto, role-playing, rpg, rudolf nureyev, russia, russian ark, russian royalty, sewing, shakespeare, silmarillion, silver jewellery, slytherin, snape, spirituality, st. petersburg, storm constantine, supernatural, sushi, taoism, tarot, tattoos, teja, terry pratchett, theramin, thiede, tolkien, torchwood, tree-hugging liberals for teja, true blood, typography, umberto eco, ursula k. leguin, vampires, ville vallo, voluntary schizophrenia, vulcans, watership down, werewolves, willful misinterpretation, world culture, wraeththu, writing, yukio mishima


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